As a freelance team at Amsterdam Worldwide we worked on a one week brief for a new Onitsuka Tiger campaign. Three of our ideas were presented to the client. The concept not shown below was evolved and produced by the agency.

Wabi-Sabi is an ancient Japanese aesthetic, which talks about the beauty that comes with change. For example a chip on a ceramic bowl, a flattened stone in a river, or even a scuff mark on a worn shoe.

In this idea, we create a new iconic shoe out of genuine old Onitsuka Tigers. The hundreds of shoes that we used to create it, would be sent in by real Onitsuka Tiger wearers from all over the globe. Each shoe that was selected to be part of the Wabi Sabi shoe would be a little bit worn, but come with an identity and a life story.

Online: you would be able to focus in on particular shoes, see their owners and read their story. We would discover stories from designers, students, and just genuine Onitsuka Tiger wearers from all over Japan and around the world.

Concept 2
Onitsuka Tigers are Made of Japan. In this idea, we take the campaign literally. First we place completely bare shoes into different Japanese environments, and then we wait and see.

As the chameleon shoes begin to change and look different in each of the environments they are left in, we would track their progress with a new still taken every day. These could be sped up and played as a beautiful stop motion video on the website. And in seasonal intervals we could have evolving print ads, each showing the changes that Japan is making to the Kamereon Onitsuka Tigers.

The overall effect would be one iconic shoe truly made of Japan.

Amsterdam Worldwide
February 2010