Apollo Dial

Apollo Dial - Fallow [Cunei Media - 2013]

♫ Zona Gris.mp3

♫ Absence as a Precursor to Hope.mp3

♫ Lamate.mp3

♫ Welcome to My Garden (Go Far Far Away...).mp3

♫ Capital Ascetic.mp3

♫ Bogotá in Repose.mp3

♫ Bezel.mp3


This is Fallow by Apollo Dial, a project of San Francisco-based artist/musician/ESL instructor/person Andrew Juarez.

Emotional and messy, this is a far cry from the qualities of structure and order inferred by my Apollonian-inspired moniker. Yet in spite of that, this project is a reinvigoration of a creative space that I had long neglected up until starting this album. The EP title can be interpreted as a figurative de-weeding process, serving as both a representation of artistic growth and a groundwork-laying period to realize new and progressive projects for the future.