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Julian House "I don´t believe in originality as an absolute! I think it has more to do with interesting twists on existing forms.
Welcoming influences into our work is one of the ways in which we expand our creative range."
Apex Studio is a new graphic design studio set in Portugal, with the initial task of create its own identity. Well, Branding is about context, concept and the delivery of the whole graphic set in order to create a Brand as much it is about the experience that a company (or in this case, the studio) can provide to its audience. With this in mind, the initial idea was to create a logo that not only would represent the studio´s graphic style, but also give a little more insight on the studio´s
mind of work.
Concept: develop a Brand that could be promoted as a "visual graphic blog", where inspirations and methodical process could be reflected in the main logo, presenting itself not as a static image, but rather as an ever changing form that doesn´t lose its true identity.
The first intervention was focused on the collectors feeling that a print object can have, as promotional material, the studio made a low cost limited series of 4 business cards (illustrations) entitled "First Print Edition". This series were inspired in the relation between digital illustration and graphic design in association with the limited run and collectable series of the american comic art and stands for the first of several interventions that the studio will make.
hope you enjoy!