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The Robot Running from patrick resing on Vimeo.

Updated video of the little guy. S/he's now got a little caboose to hold more batteries and an oversize pointy-arrow switch to turn it on. Still up to the same old shenanigans though. Driving around the pedestal, singing, contemplating the void.
Is the World Flat? Kinetic sculpture with sound. On view through November 1st at Momenta Art in Brooklyn, NY. A collaboration with Jose Ruiz. The words of Thomas Friedman, as read by Thomas Friedman, fill one of the speakers at the top of the sculpture. The other is filled with a Spanish language track that roughly mimics the language of the book. The scale underneath the two weighs the sound of their competing ideologies, vibrating up and down based on the weight of their respective arguments.
this project is a dope beat. This is a four-channel percussive interactive robot. The user can control the rythme of the beat for each drummer. Each drummer has 8 switches that correspond the the half notes in a 4/4 measure. By turning the switches on or off, the user can create a simple beat or, by using all four drummers, create something more complex.

Hugg #1 from patrick resing on Vimeo.

This is a robot that drives around looking for someone or something to hug. When it comes across that thing-to-be-hugged, it lets out a squeal of contentment and brings down its skinny arms in a warm embrace.
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