About Antenna LAB

Antenna Lab was founded in 2010 winter, based on architecture design students in Kyung-hee university.

Diverse projects are accomplished in Seoul.

First one is the project in Honje-dong, so called 'Ant village', Seoul. This place is a shantytown,which is plan to redevelop. This group rented a small old house to make an information booth in this village. We operate and experiment diverse programs in this town such as house warming, small student school, and exhibition. We intended to vitalize this village and collect various memories through this house before demolition of this village.

Second one is done in Hwayang-dong, Seoul, near Sejong univesrity and Kunkuk university. The building, we project, is located in commercial area where many people are gathered in the past and thesedays. Also, tram passed in this street in Chosun empire and 600 year old ginkgo tree was planted but it was removed several years ago. This place is a kind of hybrid accumulation of time and programs but there is no trace anymore in this time. This project was done collaborative works with artists. We occupy 1st floor which was used convenient store and 2,3,4th floors are occupied by artists to work their works. In 1st floor we operate diverse programs to absorb urban needs such as art market and exhibition