Weight: An Inquiry in the Tectonic Expression of Lightness through Heaviness
Bound research document that argues for a renewed investigation into the topic of weight and its role as defining lightness in architecture. Read Here.

Strategies: A Series of Posters
A catalogue of diagrams used to highlight particular strategies used by contemporary and historic buildings who's shapes create dynamic and precarious compositions.

Body and Weight: Short Film
A video featuring the Cincinnati Circus Company and its students. The film studies shapes and forms created by the human body in hand balancing and trapeze acts.

Visual Poems: Vignettes
These graphite drawings show shapes surrounding a performer that provide context for a pose, and expose how delicate each act can be.

Framing: One frame, many views
A Series of collages that explore how a narrow frame can highlight several different experiences throughout the site.

Concept Sketch and Model: Qualities of Space
The plan sketch and massing model convey the dynamics between the circus apparatus and its interaction with the rigid buildings and context.

Anna Pietrzak © 2013