Campaign launch & brand refresh. Emirates airlines wanted to become known and loved as a lifestyle brand. To get them there, we focused our concept around the power travel has to change our lives for the better. It became about emotion, unknown places, learning about cultures other than our own and the intrigue of the future. Our tagline became, "Hello Tomorrow". This all started as a pitch. We won, then set the tone for each Emirates business group (destination, cuisine, cargo, in-flight entertainment, sponsorship, and internal staff engagement). This new campaign played out across media formats in television spots, print (billboards to magazines) and interactive devices (websites, mobile apps, real life experiences).

Role: Art direction & design (project dependant)

Television spot

Print ads

Website, banners

Exploration: Mood & idea sketches
Re-thinking the global digital platform. Pampers is not just about selling diapers, it's about the relationship you have with your child & other parents. These days that relationship increasingly gets explored online, across various networks (social media, google search, blogs, targeted websites...) and across a range of devices (desktop, tablet, mobile). Our focus was to highlight the insight Pampers has into the baby stages of development. To develop a genuine, easy to digest, filtered resource that parents can connect to anywhere - anyway they choose. The platform launched worldwide across 2012 and can be viewed via your chosen device.

Role: Art direction & design (StrawberryFrog)

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Style guide systems

We lead the strategic, creative and design for all of Pampers worldwide digital platforms as well as develop integrated (global & regional), product campaign toolkits. This was in partnership with above the line agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Our overarching engagement strategy for the brand was to give Pampers a cohesive voice, inspire interaction in promotions, and foster community across all digital platforms. The idea is summed up in one simple word: Joyning. With this as a central theme, we continued to develop specific online campaigns, tools and applications.

We built tangible results.
• Pampers became #1 baby care brand on Facebook (from 4,000 to 500,000 followers in one year)
• P&G voted Pampers the leading social marketing brand in their portfolio of 300 products
• 75,000+ mums across Europe engaged in a single campaign (Love Without Limits)
• Pampers won Best Digital Programme at the Global Brand Building Awards

Role: Art direction & design (project dependant) (StrawberryFrog)

Video: Hello Baby

Video: ActiveFit Demonstration

Website: Unicef Campaign

Website: Dora & Diego Campaign (game)

Website: Pampers Baby-Dry Campaign
Superphone Stack Up.This back to school digital campaign compared your current phone's features to a new one, post your favorites and poll your friends for which to buy on facebook.

Role: Design (Teehan + Lax)

Experiments: Concept sketches
Bell 2012 London Summer Olympic Games
Digital Campaign

Role: Art direction & design
(Teehan + Lax)

Website: Sponsoring the Olympics through network coverage

Experiment: Concept / Cheer-O-Meter
A campaign prompting Canadians to get loud and show support. Help cheer on the Canadian Olympic team with a 'like' during the 2012 London Olympic Games.
50D & 5D Mark II, Digital campaign. This series of Canon EOS cameras gave us new territory to experiment with in high definition photography and video. For the campaign we worked closely with photographer Rick Guest to achieve the rawness and integrity of experimental photography. Our focus was on new ways of looking at light, speed, motion and detail, and how the Canon EOS range is a great companion to achieving images of great power. Online the print campaign came to life through a series of behind the scenes videos. We also created an in depth comparison tool to show the exciting new features of these two new products.

Role: Design (Look BV)


Exploration Visual & Concept
DVC camcorders, digital campaign. To build a community you need to focus on a small group, inspire them and give them opportunities. They become your advocates and you start seeding. Our approach was give people the means to explore their creativity, a platform to share it and incentive to win or buy a product. We created a mini movement. People could post their films, tag them to share in online galleries (Canon, Vimeo, Flickr), enter contests and short film festivals (Freefilming, DSFF) in various places across Europe.

Role: Art direction & design (Look BV)


Intro type animation

Sponsored festivals & contests

DVC Camcorders, Digital Campaign, Freecording (part 2) We created a space online, for the amateur videographer, sponsored by Canon. This became two platforms that worked in sync with each other. One to research, watch tutorials and compare Canon DVC (digital video camcorder) products. The other to get inspiration, learn tips & tricks to shoot your footage, share your videos and win prizes. We shot 24 videos with JISK film productions. Hectic days in the Canary Islands with a cast & crew. Good fun.

Role: Art direction & design (Look BV)

Two websites that share:
One for products, advice & demos. The other for inspiration, contests, tips & tricks.

Shooting videos: How to's, tips & tricks

Behind the scenes:
Digital Campaign, EOS 450D SLR, Sponsor of EURO2008. We created a 'choose your own adventure' style journey between two characters in two environments (urban and wilderness). Each environment showcased a different feature of the camera via a series of hot spots found in the animation. Environments were built by Addikt.

Role: Design (Mediacatalyst)