Mtn. Dew: DEW-S-A
Mountain Dew launched a new limited-edition flavor and wanted to use FB/Nascar to create demand.

Nascar fans love Dale Earnhardt Jr so we used him as our pitchman. We also used his awkwardness as a performer to our advantage by creating an infomercial with him as the host. We fed non-sequiturs to our host through an earpiece to really help dial-up the weirdness for Dale. There was also a working hotline that Dew fans could call and have a case sent to their home.

The video ran on Facebook and during a FOX NASCAR broadcast. Demand was so high, people waited on hold for hours just to place an order. It was sold out in less than a week. Additionally, we used assets from the video to create memes and gifs for community management on FB.

Mtn Dew DEW S A from andy cummings on Vimeo.

Bloopers Reel:

Mtn Dew DEW-S-A Bloopers from andy cummings on Vimeo.

Community Management Gifs