Flight Glove
This project began with a question: Can flying a radio controlled airplane be gestural? What if control was taken away from the finger tips and expanded into other parts of the body? How might the experience of flying a plane be changed if the interaction is radically altered? What I found was that by introducing gesture as a means of control, a new feeling of connectedness developed. The precision and carefully calculated movements of sticks were replaced by a system that was by nature destabilized. There is no automatic centering of the hand, no point of reference for level flight, just the feeling of a level hand and visual confirmation of the plane in the sky. It felt less like I was interacting with a device that routed commands to the plane, and more like I was interacting with the plane itself. At times I had no idea how the plane was flying, nor what my hand and arm were doing. I was just reacting, setting aside cognitive reasoning and analysis, allowing my body to react instinctively. This resulted in a sense of disorientation that eventually gave way to re-orientation. This was the most exciting and satisfying part of the project, a sudden and unexpected shift in orientation.