ANDRÉ MENDES, born in 1990. In 2009, he entered the Contemporary Dance Interpreter course at Balleteatro, having conclude his studies in 2012. To complement his dance education he attends contemporary and modern dance classes with Sandra Ferreira since 2011.
As an interpreter/performer, he has worked with several artist, namely Elisabete Magalhães (Multiplex/2010), Rui Catalão (Tamed, or Not! /2011), Cyril Viallon (If I am / 2012), Joclécio Azevedo (Slippage / 2012), Isabel Barros (Procession K2 / 2012), Julião Sarmento (Performance COMETA / 2012-13), Wili Dorner (BODIES IN URBAN SPACES / 2013), Pedro Rosa (HYPER NOVA UTOPIC EMPIRE / 2013), Victor Hugo Pontes (A BALLET STORY / 2012-13, nominated for the SPA Awards, as 'Best Choreography', Dance category), Né Barros (LANDING / 2013) and Filipe Moreira (INFERNO / 2013).
As a choreographer, he created -150ºC (Balleteatro/ Marginal Artes Performativas - Arcos de Valdevez / 2012); "Encounters" a co-creation with Ricardo Pereira (Balleteatro/PREVIE MAP/P) and "HUGE D* (Centro Cultural Malaposta / 2013).
As an artist, he is also interested in other artistic areas. In 2011, he was part of the intervention "Boggies na Cidade" for FIMP (Porto Internacional Marionette Festival), and in 2012 he collaborated with AMAMTA FILMS in a dance project called "#205".
In parallel, we have developed his passion for photography, having already done the registration of images of some pieces, such as NIL-CITY by Flavio Rodrigues and BEAR ME by Cristina Planas Leitão.
Recently, is the new member of the Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte (PT).