Winella is a company that makes you discover french wine terroir through a selection of quality, independent wines picked by a certified sommelier.

For this project, I had to create a simple logo that would evoke wine and health combined.

I also imagined the card.

Bendnote is an online musical school.

I worked as a freelance designer on press releases, online banners, advertising printed inserts and an on-line publication of their magazine.

I also helped in designing their website (a few pages)

MyNetKeys, now Yepidoo, was an event planner I was very pleased to work on.

Unfortunately, it did not continue, but the project was thrilling. I was able to work in autonomy on the graphical interface of a whole application. The whole project was a blank page, everything was possible. I enjoyed imagining the graphics standards of this application

Exploratology is a webstore that offers books and interesting objects centered around selected themes.

The concept was to create a colorful and trendy website with handmade illustrations and bright splashes of color.

Parti Pris develops an original offer on the market of the formation and evaluation of human resources.

I participated in a call for tenders to renew completely their graphic identity.

The following images are my various proposals of branding during this call for tenders.

Kumkwaya is an association that offers personal development workshops focused on the observation of nature.

For this project, I had to create a logo, a four pages brochure, some business cards and a letterhead. The client wanted a symbol of simplicity and beauty of nature. I offered this shell and a colorful range in ocher and blue. Another version is also available with green elements.

The set is intended to be both minimal and elegant with a soothing sensation due to the choice of fine, modern and traditional fonts at once.

Apidura is an ongoing project.

Here is an overview of my work on their visual identity.

A visual identity for a start-up in the digitial field.

Those are various concept designs I have created while working with CTI. Some of these models (with different colors) are currently available for sale under the brand name Matt&Rose.

Crumoco is the final project assignement I had to do on my last year in ENSAD.

It is an exepriment that mixes game, cooking and social interactions.

I did it with a student designer.