Art Inside Art is a curated show of work from Theresa Daddezio, Nick Greenwald, Jen Hitchings, Christine Mahoney and Rebekah Thompson. These artists have chosen to create art that references paintings of paintings, drawings of drawings and objects of objects. Each piece contains a self-referential point of departure from their previous work that is built off of to create an idiosyncratic storyline. Through this approach, the product of the process becomes the object and that object is allowed to move fluidly through their body of work, appearing within a two-dimensional surface, or becoming separated from the picture plane as a sculptural entity.
Theresa Daddezio presents work that is built asymmetrically. With each piece appearing incomplete without referencing the rest, the work simultaneously reflects and antagonizes itself as a whole, and as a group.

In Nick Greenwald’s drawings, images created from observation are fused with surreal visions. He references other artists’ work alongside his own, allowing it to pop-up in unexpected places, mixing reality with imagination, the familiar with impossible space.

Jen Hitchings creates paintings on canvas pads, a surface evocative of the tattered family photographs that she references for imagery. Like the photographs, they can be rolled up, stacked and stored in places such as drawers, underneath beds and in purses. This cheap and easily accessible surface she paints treasured images on presents a sharp contrast to the physical and emotional value of the surface object.

Christine Mahoney creates works that are a record of her own visual history. Each pocket of imagery relates to the next, and the broader landscape as a whole. The works are meant to serve as visual form of memoir, reflecting moments in life and the individual that is the result.

Rebekah Thompson strives to create earnest paintings. Sometimes straying from her initial intention, she reels in imagery from work she feels is less successful in hopes of understanding the psychology behind her previous decisions.