MOSHI magazine was created by me for my publication class. I was inspired by other fashion magazines on the market like; oyster, spook, yen etc. All the photography was taken by me.


Villa Alba Museum is currently being restored and refurbished. The marvel of this place is that as they slowly peel off the wallpaper they reveal amazing paintings and patterns. They needed a new identity and help to try and promote the museum for its opening.

The brief for Cafe Vue 401 was to create a new packaging solution for their macaroons/chocolates and a carry bag. The designs needed to fit in with their branding, be environmentally friendly and an innovative designs. This job was tricky as particular care had to be taken with the structure of the packaging to ensure that it would protect the delicate product.


The theme for this poster competition was ‘The glass is half full’. I decided to take a more lateral approach to the theme of optimism by creating this photograph. I was inspired by the saying ‘To see the world through rose-coloured glasses’.

BAMBRAW is a sub brand that I have created for the established Bambra Press printing company. They needed a new identity with the main focus on attracting students with their discount printing offers. These photographs show the promotion giveaway that I created.

The plan was to drop of slabs of free beer to targeted universities classes. These beers would create a hype about the brand and target the students social party lifestyle.

To get into the beer you have to rip off the BAMBRAW business card and the company information is on the back. The simple designs gets straight to the point, as the student rips into the beer the BAMBRAW message is directly thrown into their beer thirsty brain.


This is the website designed for the sub-brand BAMBRAW. It needed to be easy to use and very student friendly.