This campaign consists of a mailer and magazine ad. is free site where users can interact with each other online through the use of an avatar. For many users, this is literally their second life and they take it very seriously. Second Life is partnering with Autism Speaks, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding the missing pieces of autism. Doctors still don't know what the cause for autism is. This campaign is promoting an event that will be taking place in April (Autism Awareness Month) and allows Second Life players to help! Second Life is hiding the missing puzzle pieces (also Autism Speaks logo) in the game. For every puzzle piece found and clicked on by a player, Second Life will donate 15¢ to the cause. The player will also receive points to redeem for an exclusive and one-time-only prize at the end of the event! Everybody wins! For the ad and mailer, I decided I wanted to combine the real and virtual world, much like the game does for its users. The images are of a real person searching the world and going through great danger to find a virtual puzzle piece. The typography is inspired by computer windows and typefaces.

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