Matterhorn, 2013 Cut wallpaper mural, 48” x 144”

We are virtual explorers of our planet. Travel anywhere via Google Earth, experience adventure by tuning in to the Discovery Channel and daydream quietly while pristine images of the landscapes scroll through our screensavers. Humans are unsurprisingly drawn to and inspired by the natural world. With the advent of the internet, video games and social media, we can experience these natural wonders never having left our seats.

This new medium of virtual navigation is exchanging an actual experience for an abstraction of experience forming new habits of thought and behavior about the natural world. This technological window results in a setting that has become literally flat to many of us. It is this “intangible” experience of the landscape that interests me as an artist. Acknowledging this transition from natural phenomena to intellectual conception I see our relationship with the natural landscape becoming distant and foreign.

My artwork is an exploration of this environmental detachment. I mine online imagery of venerated environments depicted with billowing clouds, majestic mountains and mirrored lakes void of human presence. I then research satellite images, erosional patterns and computer generated fractal meshes and apply these same digital characteristics to majestic wallpaper photo-murals. By cutting away the solid structure I remove the landscape leaving behind only a reflection of what was once there. These fractured pieces of land formations form new gem-like structures that fetishize even more-so the idealized landscapes of our intangible online world.