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Max Mollon, PhD Candidate: Interaction, Design, Research

Bonjour ! Interaction designer and researcher. I make objects that offer alternative experiences to what people know today about distant relationships. My objects aim at triggering questions and sparking discussions on the current state of things. My work takes place over a broad spectrum of outcomes, from newspapers to scientific journals, or as a conference workshop to an exhibition.

Since 2012 my PhD research focuses on how to use design as a speculative tool for public engagement. I analyse the way design can be considered and used as a means to stimulate discussions about the value and impact of emerging practices that happen at the interplay of science, technology and society. In particular, I study the characteristics of design fiction and speculative design in bringing forward desirable unknowns. The technologies that reshape the way we feel together despite distance are also a focus of my work. Formerly masters from HEAD–GenevaMedia Design program. Some of my projects participated to the Milano furniture fair (2010, 2011), Lift Conference (2010, 2013) and Biennale Internationale du Design de St Etienne (2013). I worked with Incandescence, Orange Lab or Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs. I also give lectures and occasionally teach design at Pôle supérieur du Design (Villefontaine, France).

Supervision: Annie Gentes / Emmanuel Mahé / Remy Bourganel

Labs details:
TelecomParistech>SES>SID>CodesignLab & Media Studies (academic lab).
Ensad>EnsadLab>Sociable Media (art&design lab).
PSL>SACRe (Science Art Creation REsearch) (doctoral program).
ENS Ulm > ED 540 (doctoral school).

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mollon [at] telecom-paristech.fr
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