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Max Mollon, PhD Candidate: Interaction, Design, Research

PhD Candidate: EnsadLab, Telecom ParisTech, SACRe PSL
Supervision: Annie Gentes / Emmanuel Mahé / Remy Bourganel

More on my Ph.D. research

Designer and researcher: I make strange fictional objects, shown to publics to engage discussions on innovation, technologies, ethics and society – it’s a kind of critical forecasting! My work takes place over a broad spectrum of outcomes, from newspapers to scientific journals, or as a conference workshop to an exhibition.

Formerly masters from HEAD–GenevaMedia Design program and currently PhD Candidate at SACRe PSL, EnsadLab/ Sociable Media, and Telecom ParisTech/ Codesign & Media Studies Lab. Some of my projects have been exhibited at the Milano furniture fair (2010, 2011), Lift Conference (2010, 2013) and Biennale Internationale du Design de St Etienne (2013). I worked with Incandescence, Orange Labs or Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs. I also give lectures and occasionally teach design fiction (ENSAD Paris, Strate Paris, École de Condé Paris, Pôle supérieur du Design Villefontaine).

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