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Step 1 - The Pledge: The Bear finds someone he/she would like to pick up. Bear sings a sweet song to attract Gal/Guy.

Step 2 - The Turn: Guy/Gal is sufficiently impressed with sweet, sweet song. Bear continues the pickup by helping Guy/Gal build self-confidence by showing you how tender your caresses are - and in the process, shows off ability to be affectionate.

Step 3 - The Prestige: The bear has now sufficiently won the heart of Gal/Guy, and now gets you to really show your affection. Bear asks Gal/Guy to spill secrets. Bear shows happiness.

Longer description of project available here.

Blog post about Arduino + Processing together, showing how FSRs (force sensors) detect changes in pressure levels.

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An MP3 player that encourages you to take care of your houseplant. This evolved from a previous idea of making a plant that is more like a pet than a plant. I changed my mind after getting some good feedback from my class when I presented my idea. One of their suggestions was to focus on the emotional aspect of how the plant makes you feel. They also advised that care of the plant needs to be an important aspect of the project.

This is how it works:
Press the moisture test button. If the soil is dry, the plant will cry; otherwise, it will laugh. If the soil isn’t dry, you can use the MP3 player. You can advance forward and back through an array of music files. You can also pause the music.

Demo of Controls

The visualization came from another Processing project, that I (unfortunately did not write), but modified to change the background color of the screen and the size of the boxes depending on the location of the mouse. Here's a demo of that part as it is synced to music.

More information about project development and demo videos can be found on my blog.