This piece plays on the idea of the hare as a mythological animal, as seen in its leaping position that has been commonly used throughout history in various implementations, such as coins, paintings, sculpture, and jewelry. At the same time, the overall form I’ve created also represents raw flesh and is meant to relate to the hare’s long history as a prey animal and food source. The round background that the hare is mounted on relates to the moon, to which hares are overwhelmingly associated in myths around the world.

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Wood. Skin. A wooden dress.

Initial research on body image in art and media led to primary research - interviews with several students about their experience with body image. More than one of those students focused on skin.

After material research, I conducted a word association exercise, to help me group my thoughts. I further focused on Group 6:

Skin (body)
Face (body)
Plastic Surgery
Bust (body)

After this, I began to focus on just one part of the body. The skin. And, in relation to my research, I thought of skin color. I remembered seeing some really nice wood veneer samples, for different types of wood and in different colors. Different brown colors…like skin.

I immediately started prototyping. First in paper, then in foam core. I used twine to connect the pieces, which I eventually secured with hot glue.

My full idea was to make a series of wooden dresses, from dark to light, representing a range of skin tones.
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Step 1 - The Pledge: The Bear finds someone he/she would like to pick up. Bear sings a sweet song to attract Gal/Guy.

Step 2 - The Turn: Guy/Gal is sufficiently impressed with sweet, sweet song. Bear continues the pickup by helping Guy/Gal build self-confidence by showing you how tender your caresses are - and in the process, shows off ability to be affectionate.

Step 3 - The Prestige: The bear has now sufficiently won the heart of Gal/Guy, and now gets you to really show your affection. Bear asks Gal/Guy to spill secrets. Bear shows happiness.

Longer description of project available here.

Blog post about Arduino + Processing together, showing how FSRs (force sensors) detect changes in pressure levels.

In this project, I considered myself as my spirit animal, the deer. I explored this character in an expanded sense, trying to embody some of the character traits I identified through physical and facial expression.

Wearing a mask forced me to use body language as my means of expression. So much can be said with simple gestures.

With a few images of my grandmother, I was able to morph a picture of her in her 80’s to a picture of her as a young woman, and then finally to me. Then, to add video, I overlaid some clips from a Prelinger Archive video on conception.

Grandma to Me from Allison Walker on Vimeo.