Google Now is a transformative product which helps bring predictive, timely and contextual information to users. The information is presented on cards which are the building blocks for the Google Now stream.

Google now cards went through a significant transformation after the launch of Material Design. My task was to help craft a new framework for cards which puts content forward and creates a cohesive modular system that can be rapidly built and expanded.

Color was a big part of the new design but was carefully used to bring purposeful signals to users through status indication. In addition, color was used to create impactful visual cards with rich media content and more.

Card preferences are a critical part of the Google Now experience and I helped create a new model to bring forth higher flexibility within its structure. A new focused state was built to bring clarity and easier interaction model which incorporates swiping gestures.

I designed the transition for immersive mode. I helped walk engineering through the specifics by creating detailed diagrams of the transition model and several motion studies to tackle all the edge cases for mobile and tablet.

I helped set the rules and guidelines around card sizes across mobile and tablet devices with all orientations.

Version 3.0 of An Event Apart official tweet aggregator. This new design takes advantage of responsive structures to cater layouts across different screen sizes.

This project consisted of two parts: The CIAS student showcase and the CIAS public website. The CIAS Student Showcase is a private social network for students to share their work and interact with one another. It was built at dwaiter as a crowd source tool to gather projects for the CIAS public website. My role as a lead designer on the project was to create the concept, design the user experience and create all the different user interface elements for both, the Showcase and the public website.

I designed the logo and UI for this web application. Third panel was created for reading and browsing comic books. The service have not launched yet but will be soon. Link to the live site will be posted once available.

Auto Swatch is a nice little web app that helps you find the right car. This app was created by Nick Sergeant and I was responsible for the UI design and car illustrations. Unfortunately the site is no longer up, due to a lack of funding.