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Proposal for show, Doin it Live: Performance & Interaction:

I would like to hang from the ceiling rolled up pieces of paper with string. I will invite viewers to jump up and pull down the (fortunes) scrolls. All of the scrolls will be sticky paper that the viewer can then wear. The scrolls will contain English sayings, directions, and nonsensical writings. A variation on a Filipino children's game where little treats are hung from a wooden grid, and children have to reach up and try to pull one off. I will make 40 to 80 scrolls. The performance will be durational from the beginning of the opening night to the closing of the show.

As a side note to the event, my favorite moment of the night was when a participant (who already had a number of sayings on their body already) jumped up to pick out another scroll. The scroll said "tortilla eater" on it. They said, "ew I don't want this one!" and threw it on the ground.