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A performance night with Nathan Bockelman, Peggy Pabustan, Paul Pescador, and Stephen Van Dyck.

Event description by Paul Pescador:

Focused on site-specific situational and interactive performances blurring the line between performer and audience, Situating Ourselves with Them explored moments from one’s daily life, personal experience, and social participation as a means to engage the viewer. Ranging from the banal to the dramatic, each of these durational performances will develop over the course of the entire evening.

I made a tent-like object that was operated by a "puller" across the room from the object itself. So people had to coordinate in order to experience being under the tent. Under the tent it was dark and the sound was slightly muted. People either wanted to stay under the tent for as little time as possible, or for an extended period of time. The later making the "puller" having to hold the tent up and keep it from dropping.

for Situating Oursleves With Them at Five Thirty Three