Central Station Sofia (2013) a short film by Alberto Iordanov
Welcome to the surreal world of Central Station Sofia. Along the way you will encounter an empty hotel, a moving pine tree, hunters, forgotten glory from the past as well as hope pinned to a lottery ticket. It is a mosaic film that combines fragments from the lives of those who are a part of the biggest railway station in the Balkans. Central Station Sofia was built during the peak of socialism and it has been the symbol of the opening of Bulgaria to the world. Today it is a place that people avoid and try not to think about. Its abandoned air reflects the current state of the country.
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'Scott Ward Cinematography Award' for Lukasz Kulec (Director of Photography)
– Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2013, Edinburgh Filmhouse (UK)

'Cinematography Award' for Lukasz Kulec – Student International Film Festival 2014 (Croatia)
"Diving into the decrepit ambiance of Sofia’s Central Station, whose pinnacle during socialism is now replaced by decay,
the author treats his surreal scenes as if they were art photography."

Festivals and Screenings:
EDINDOCS – Documentary Film in Edinburgh (UK) EDINDOCS Finale – 8:10pm 14th September 2013;
10th Jubilee Edition of the Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival (Hungary) 15th September 2013;
17th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic) Short Joy – 3:00pm 26th October 2013;
11th Inverness Film Festival (UK) 6 – 10th November 2013;
20th Golden Rhyton (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) 16 – 22th December 2013;
11th London Short Film Festival (UK) 10 – 19th January 2014;
17th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival – Echoes in Brussels Programme (Belgium) 8th February 2014;
Student International Film Festival (Croatia) 28 – 30th May 2014;
12th In The Palace International Short Film Festival (Bulgaria) 28th June – 4th July 2014;
7th CinEast, The Central and Eastern European Film Festival (Luxembourg) 9 – 26th October 2014.

Edindocs: Saturday Finale By Ann Linden, Take One, 13th September 2013
CENTRAL STATION SOFIA, directed by Alberto Iordanov, is as much moving portraiture as it is good cinematography. In its depiction of the Balkans’ biggest rail station, each person in the camera’s eye emerges as a vivid character in the life of the station, which was built to serve crowds and now is sparsely utilized. Infrastructure decaying in a culture that can’t support it, the station itself emerges as a compelling persona.

The film tours an empty hotel, a restaurant with no customers and greatly reduced workstaff, and observes the impossibility of getting a train to Greece, while station pets prowl the premises and waiting passengers feed the sparrows. Two businesses still have customers: the gun shop and the lottery booth. Iordanov fills the film with tiny illustrative details and moments that alternate gravity and delight without jarring the viewer.

Student team's short film wins international cinematography award
By The University of Edinburgh, News and Events, 18th June 2014
This award joins an ever-growing list of awards and commendations for the film.