MTV Colírios Capricho
Capricho is a teen magazine mainly for girls. They made a partnership with MTV Brasil
and produced a reality show where the public will choose the new "boy next door".

Our job was to create the opening credits and all the other graphics used in the program.

MTV Colirios Capricho Montage on Vimeo.

We also directed the TV Spot.

Teaser Colirios Capricho from gustavo laga on Vimeo.

Concept Boards

Scared Psychedelic Dog - Color Study

Direction: Vellas & Laga
Producer: Prodigo Films
Art Direction: Laga
Motion Direction: Vellas
2D Animation: Vellas, Byron Segundo, Massao
Ilustration: Laga, Paula Padilha, Vanessa Lobo