Gold Magic
We've tried our best in the spot "Magic Gold". It is all produced in animation 3D and shows the hard and suffered processes that a creative double has to deal with to approve and air a really creative campaign. The commercial shows body parts of a creative guy being torn off, from the idea presentation to the client until the final campaign being aired. All this hard work and dedication results in the most awaited reward: the Yearbook Festival Award. The signature confirms: "If you’d give everything for a good idea, join São Paulo Creative Club”.

Portuguese Version

English Version

Just-for-fun Movie Poster

We've counted with the stupendous talent of Juarez Ricci, who gave life to these mad characters.

Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe
Client: Clube de Criação de São Paulo
Product: Annual Festival
Title: “Gold Magic”
Creative Team: Fernando Nobre, Danilo Scatigno e Daniel Massih
Creative Director: Fernando Nobre
Production Company: Prodigo Films
Director: Vellas & Laga
Executive Producer: Francesco Civita
Character Design: Juarez Ricci
Audio: Punch