Beauty Lines

Ancient Greek medicine understood the human body through the shapes of body parts and rhythm of the pulses, while ancient Chinese medicine focused on the flow of fluid and feels of the pulses.  One can see distinctly different bodies in one same body.  What constitutes our sense of health, norm, or beauty?  As a part of my big questioning about the condition(ing) of a body, I will explore the relationships between muscles, blood, sweat, and alcohol. How does aggression fit in the picture of beauty?

The first day i was at the boxing gym, my trainer uttered only one English word.
He said, "Listen to me," then he showed me moves without any help of words.
But i understood. Or at least i felt confident i will understand faster this way.
Pay attention to the rhythm of his feet, how to throw a punch from the heel and the hip, and all the subtle directions his body attempts to give me.
As the rounds go by, I was using more senses.
Must exercise the whole 'body' to understand and communicate.

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[Photo: Ryan Beltrán, Mary Rinebold, Aleksey Mikolaichouk]

- Appearance -
September 10, 2010
100 Years of Performance
Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow, Russia

September 28 - 29, 2010
Living Pictures & The Prompt
Transart Festival, Bolzano, Italy
*with additional support from Foundation for Contemporary Arts