As designer, I wanted to design a product that could improve the exercise experience specifically for the rehab purpose by carefully taken currently available technologies and integrate them into a genuine interactive physiotherapy device.

In the clip, it demonstrates how Funup captures the patient's leg movements and shows her movement on the OLED matt. Also, the device records her exercise results and stores them in the mobile device via wireless / bluetooth, so the user can view his/ her results as well as share their results with others.

For the final solution, Funup consists the following attributes.....
Adaptable, Funup is able to accommodate various of rehab exercises including flexibility exercises, weight training, and stretching exercises. In order to do that, the main feature people is going to interact with, which is the display of the device is literally flexible. It is made out of ultra thin flexible OLED screen that people can place anywhere to accommodate their exercise.

Accurate, Funup utilizes RGB depth sensing camera that could capture 90+ joint movements per second, so the users could definitely make sure if they are doing the exercises right and know what to measure against to.

User friendly, the design is also portable and easy to set up. After your exercise you can even roll it up and store it in a yoga bag.

Programmable and shareable, the Controller application for Funup is compatible with smart phones, which enables people to easily program their exercise, as well as store their results and share it with others.

Problem Space & Research& Concept Sketches
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Exhibit Design
The project was featured in the 2012 Emily Carr Degree Exhibition, as well as the 2012 Sanotron Digital health Summit