1,8000 is a souvenir product design targeted for the National Centre of Performing Arts in China. The name 1,8000 is inspired from the NCPA Dome which is built from 18000 pieces of titanium.
The concept is to have people to leave thinking they are birnging a piece of the architecture with them, along with their memories and experiences.

The product is made of two parts.
The plate which is made from polished titanium and salt and pepper shakers, which are made from clear and frosted glass.
This is in order to give people a visual indication of what spices they are using and the design is highly adaptable to the variety of food in different cultures.

Here we designed a label that would be engraved into the back side of the plate. The idea we are proposig is that this is a limited edition product, and people could tell this by looking at the numbering behind the plates.

Details of the salt and pepper shaker and the overall look
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