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Nantes 2099 on 3dvf

Technical reel, design and making: Administrative setup of the shooting, casting, stage management, makup, filming, concept, modeling, matte painting ,particles, crowd simulation, basic animation, lighting, rendering Mental Ray, rotoscoping, compositing, making of.

Golaem Nantes 2099 Demo from Golaem on Vimeo.

Nantes 2099 Demo - Making Of from Golaem on Vimeo.

Technical reel, design and making: Concept, modeling ,sculpting, texturing, camera mapping, basic rigging, skinning,basic animation, particles, fluids, lighting, rendering Renderman, compositing.

Chez Eddy (Paris) :Modeling, rendering Mental Ray, pre-compositing

Pre-modeling propositions

Meridian from Artfx on Vimeo.

Mat un voyageur solitaire est pris dans une course contre la montre et contre le destin pour sauver la dernière famille qui lui reste.


Thomas Becker
Jeremie Bouvier
Axel Domenger
Charles LawHang

Making of

Meridian MAKING-OF from Artfx on Vimeo.