Ade Itameda has years of experience with tattooing traditional and pointillism tattoo’s. His work is influenced by traditional Indonesian ornaments, patterns and carvings. His inspiration he gets out of Batik, reliefs in temples, traditional shadow puppet plays and engravings on old urns in museums.

Born and raised in Indonesia and since a young age, he had a great interest in traditional, Indonesian ornaments and patterns. He started tattooing years ago, to preserve this part of the Indonesian culture.

When he found out about pointillism, he dedicated himself to it, and started to specialize in original Indonesian ornaments, with a modern touch. The last 5 years he worked as co-owner/tattoo-artist in Jakarta, Indonesia and currently he’s permanently living and working in The Netherlands and occasionally traveling as a guest-artist all around the world. In September 2010 he started an art-collaboration with Lielo, called 369.

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