Viva Cuba Libre: Rap is War

As revolutions and revolutionaries arise around the world, Cuban voices join the chorus.

An extraordinary rap duo is sweeping the Cuban underground with their urgent lyrics about the dire economic and political state of their beloved country. El B and El Aldeano comprise the enigmatic Los Aldeanos. The duo is heralded as the voice of the lost generation. Banned from performing in all official concert halls or venues, their music is distributed solely by hand, in total secrecy for fear government persecution. They perform in make-shift venues and promote the concerts only hours before they actually perform, still managing to gather crowds in the thousands.

Risking his freedom and his life, director Jesse Acevedo, with guerrilla methods and hidden cameras, takes the viewer inside the new revolution brewing within Cuba.

Ever fearful of reprisal, the identities of the crew are kept secret. Those who do speak out are at great risk of imprisonment. Will Los Aldeanos be the lost voice of a lost generation, or are they the sound of the future, readying an entire country for change and a new Cuba?

Viva Cuba Libre!