About Matt Abbiss

Matt Abbiss animates, draws and lectures (mainly about animation).

He graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 1999 and the Royal College of Art in 2004.

Currently living and working in London.

Some News:

Sept - June 2015-16 Tutoring the Tutees at the Royal College of Art

October 2015 New work 160815 shown at Adelade Film Festival festival

September 2015 Gift shown at KROK festival

September 2015 Forming wins "1st Mention" at Expotoons, Argentina

August 2015 Point shown at Synesthesia Festival, Portland OR

August 2015 Untitled 014 shown at Anifest India

July 2015 Forming wins "Special Jury Mention" at the Marin County Festival of Short Film and Video

June 2015 Gift shown at Animafest Zagreb

June 2015: Return of the Character workshop at the NFTS

May 2015 Created two sequences (25 and 31) for this Living Mural organised and projected onto the Sydney Opera House by the people at Universal Everything. Bonzer.

May 2015 Delivered a masterclass at the first Punto Y Raya Academy

April/May 2015 Untitled 014 shown at Pictoplasma

April 2015: CHILDSPLA research project comes to a close. Academic papers have been dispatched to academic places.

Jan-June 2015 Still tutoring at the Royal College of Art

Oct - Dec 2014 Tutoring at the Royal College of Art and also at the Kunsthochschule Kassel (germany)

November 2014: Bus Stop shown at the 2nd ASFF

June 2014: Presented on a panel at my first conference, in Toronto

June 2014: Poor God is dusted off and screened at Animafest

May 2014: made a short for the splendid people of The Book of Everyone

May 2014: Character workshop at the NFTS

April 2014: designed and animated a series of gifs for The Story of the Line

January 2014: Forming and Untitled 008 and 014 shown at the Punto Y Raya Festival

November 2013: A selection of the Untitled animations shown at Eyeworks Festival

April 2013: Currently on the CHILDSPLA research team.

2013 - 1999: Many Animation related activities