This project was geared towards exploring new ideas for future construction equipment for JCB. My focus was emerging the two most useful pieces of equipment on the modern day job site, the telescopic lift and the backhoe.

I started my research by analyzing different machines produced by the JCB brand. Most of my attention was directed to the telescopic lift, in which I discovered is one of the most useful machines on the modern day job site. The second half of my research was based on actual backhoe user testimonials and questionnaires provided by online heavy equipment chat rooms. Most users had complaints of visibility, ride comforts when used on the road, and rigidity in tight places.

The backhoe is originally based of the classic farm tractor and has not changed since it was first introduced in 1953 by J.C. Bamford, founder of JCB. Due to changing industries and tighter job sites, the backhoe is slowly dieing out. The current backhoe is highly unstable, operators feel that the cabin height creates a high center of gravity and makes them feel disconnected from the rest of the machine. Plus the weight of the boom creates a bouncy ride while driving from site to site.

The final concept included features such as a 23 foot telescopic boom, side mounted backhoe arm with a 14 foot reach and 180˙ turning radius, a low profile cab to connect the operator to the job site, four wheel steering for maximum maneuverability. I also explored new technologies such as ground penetrating sonar systems built directly into the shovel to prevent damage to water mains and gas lines.