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type: urban flats
location: Coahuila 59, Roma, Mexico City
year: 2010-2012
client: undisclosed
status: unbuilt
project team: a10studio: Mariano Arias-Diez, Luis Alarcón Y., Vania Torres, Fernanda Patiño, Alexandre Mercier, Santiago Hernandez.

// Description //

"The conventional perception pushes to perceive the materials of architecture and the architecture itself as surfaces and volumes plated -illuminated- by external projections: rays of light.

But what happens when that projection does not come -only- from outside, but from within?
When the materials that are used to create volumes and shapes let the light and act as reflectors, as irradiators, as projectors of interior energy?
When the material quality gives way to another more intangible and evanescent, because of its transparency?"

- Ignasi de Sola-Morales