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Smoky Cloud
- Revisiting the Pile

2012 SCI-Arc Thesis
Instructor: Marcelo Spina
Published on [Link] SuckerPUNCH , Oct, 2012

This project is to use pile to create a complex accretion and a lumpy mass.

There is a system. We can find them in mineral crystal, Starry Sky, flowers clusters and so on, it's a kinds of disorder, a nature rule of aggregation. It's pile like logic. Unlike the pre-decided order of stacking, piling's components are random rotated and scaled. We can only identify this order by its holistic forms.

The site Battersea Power Station in London, is the biggest red brick building in Europe. and the smoke cloud emanate from 3 chimney becomes to be a famous symbol of London. In Battersea, The traditional stacking logic and natural piling system combine together.

This project moving a step beyond from what we now perceive as a process of cohesive formal homogenization in the last two decades, and to revisit the organizational and aesthetics possibilities of the pile, towards perhaps a difficult and unexplored regime of inconsistency. In such a regime, excess still means equilibrium. Accumulation does not simply lead to simple stacking but to a complex accretion and lumpy mass.
It focus exploring the uneven, the lumpy and the pile. Beyond the obvious formal exploration, the assumption of the project is that these cumulative figures constitute a potential new symbol for a contemporary post urban landscape.

By using piles, my thesis aims to engage both form and illustration, to produce a strong shape and a cartoon at the same time. The proposal aims to connect the realms of Form, Shape, Illustration, and even the pictorial. From the most iconic view of the building, the front elevation, the new addition looks like a smoke cloud emanating from the chimneys of the old power plant. As a projective speculation, the proposal is both funny and massive, forward looking and positivist.

In Alejandro Zaera Polo influential text “the Hokusai Wave” he talks about the importance of using metaphors to effectively communicate architectural form. Whether these metaphors are intended or not, internal or external, what matters is the effect they produce. This proposal It's about the metaphor, the illustration the outline, the idea that it's not only a form, but it's allow this form can also has the other meaning, and in that meaning people can communication towards it.

(Comteporary Hotel and Theatre Design)

2GBX Design Studio: On Form, Code and Evolutionary Species
Instructor: Tom Wiscombe
Team Work: Ye Li + Haoyang Yu

The metabll spatial form, which created by the scripting, contradict with the traditional space in many respects. In this project, I focus on the interesting and reasoned way to combine these two different kinds of space. I use some strategy to achieve the object, in spatial formal languages, I use a single layer surface to cover the metaball space and the box. and let this surface inserts into the main space. This cover method on the one hand unify the exterior space in one architectural language. On the other it give the interior space an abundant effect.

Second, I harmonize the contradiction between the different spatial form by reasonable organize the space’s function. For instance, the hotel has more specific requirement of the daylight, ventilation and circulation, so I put this function into the L-shaped traditional form building. in contrast, the theater and the bar has more flexible to the functional requirement, then I put these units into the metaball space.

As the result, the hotel space correspondence with the traditional box like space, and other special function coincides with the metaball’s sphere space. The connections between the form and function obtains unification. When the metaball insert into the interior space, it generate a new conflict in cortile. This project use long-span circulations to link the different parts of the space and invert this conflict to space interestedness.
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