My name is Alen Pavlovic, better known as Type08 (type-o-eight).
I am a logo designer and brand builder.

I have designed more than 450 visual identities for clients worldwide, mostly being a start-up, small and middle size companies. And a few large ones as well, of course :)

My work has been published in 16 books on graphic design so far:
"LOGO2" by Zeixs
"Signs, Symbols and Pictograms" by Zeixs
"Label & Packaging Design" by Zeixs
"Hello, Mr. Package!" by Send Points
"2011 Logo Design Trends" by Gramedia
"Logo Nest" by Logo Nest
"Logo Nest 2" by Logo Nest
"Logo Nest 3" by Logo Nest
"Logo Type" by HOW
"Los Logos Compass" by Gestalten
"Los Logos 6" by Gestalten
"Los Logos 7" by Gestalten
"Smashing Logo Design" by John Wiley & Sons
"Logo Lounge 7" by Rockport
"Logo Lounge 8" by Rockport
"LogoPond Book Volume 1" by LogoPond.

Proud to state that my clients so far come from 48 countries:
USA, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, Egypt, Singapore, Israel, Spain, Australia, Czech Republic, France, New Zealand, Slovakia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Philippines, Germany, Belize, India, Austria, Greece, Turkey, UAE, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Morocco, Ireland, Poland, Belgium, Colombia, Lebanon, SAR, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, Honduras, Chile, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Norway, Portugal, Belarus, South Korea.

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