An exhibtion exploring the
4D possibilities of space

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by candas sisman, courtesy of Plato Art Space (Plato College of higher education)

Superfront, Pacific Design Center, LA May 26th, 2011 and a subsequent show in Brooklyn

Take a trip with the TIMEless curatorial team in time through space. Interactive architecture is more than cinema, more than architecture- it is architectural new media. The exhibit features over 100 works from award winning designers, architects, filmmakers, artists and musicians, including ten commissioned interactive installations. Design critic and planner Sam Hall Kaplan adds that at last architecture is shown in a new and exciting perspective, as a place in time: "it is really the way we experience architecture, temporal and temporary.” The curators express that " the questions are more important than the answers; we explore immersive environments and connect them to the 20th century lineage of architecture and film. "Participating artist F. Myles Sciotto describes the exhibit as "highlighting projects that blur the threshold of spatial and temporal constructions.”

Film has influenced architecture since the dawn of the modern era. The creative process for entertainment as well as spaces for life and work share common ground. Perhaps film influences the profession of architecture through its speculative spaces which are removed from the constraints of reality. These instances serve as inspiration in the creation of the architecture of tomorrow.

  • Martin Roy Mervel AIA
  • Ralph Spencer Steenblik

Catalog Editor
.Naomi Scully
Curatorial Team

  • Naomi Scully
  • Tiffany Shaw Collings
  • Chris Martin
  • Adriana McElwain
  • Henry Dominguez
  • Taylor J. Hayes
  • Luis Orozco
  • Alison Pinsler
  • Christian Contreras

SUPERFRONT Program Director

  • Mitch Mcewen

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And we acknowledge the ideas of Guy Debord and Kevin Lynch, the Architecture of Hadrian, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Frey. We strive to honor
the memory of Julius Shulman with a snapshot of humanism. Creativity links all through energy transmuted between heart, mind and soul.