Alan Abdulkader
Middle East strongly influences his art today, Graduate Washington State, architecture, where is he based

Allison Newmeyer
Educator and co-founder of Design With Company, Urbana, Illinois

Amy Shea

Andrew King and Angela Silver

Aaron LeGandre
Designer and artist, Phoenix, Az

Benjamin Ball
In his current collaboration with Gaston Nogues, Ball is exploring the intersection of architecture, art and product design

Ben Brooksby
Director, Producer, recent graduate BYU Film School

Brendan Mcfarlane
Author and Principle, Jakob + Mcfarlane, Paris

Candas Sisman
Animator and co-founder of Silo-1 Creative Studio, Istanbul

Carlos Barbosa
Emmy Award winner and Production Designer 24 tv series, Miami

Che-Wei Wang
Adjunct at New York University and lead designer CW&T

Clara Lee

Christian Pongratz
Associate Professor at Texas Tech University at Lubbock, USA.

Coy Howard
Former chair of the environmental design department at Otis/Parsons and SCI-arc, extensively exhibited and collected designer with a passion for educating.

Craig Hodgetts
Principle hplusf, and Founding Dean at the California Institute of the Arts

Daniel Herren
Global educator, and principle of Herren + Damschen, Bern, Switzerland

David Pandam Hertz
Innovative architect, designer, inventor and educator in the field of environmental design.

Dimitri Kim
Principal at Xmanifold Applied Design Research Laboratory, Los Angeles

Dorsey Dunn
Sound Artist exhibited around the world, Los Angeles

Dr. Michael Arbib

F.  Myles Sciotto
PHD Candidate UCSB Spatial Arts

Jason Lee Bruns
Sound artist, percussionist, drummer, and producer, Los Angeles
Participating Musicians: Trumpet and Flügel Horn Solo - Dr. Jason Gamer, Trombone - John Morgan, Sax - Rory Mazzella, Bass -Dale Black, Guitar - Dr. Angelo Metz, Piano - Bill Zimmerman, Drum Set - Jason Lee Bruns, Engineer - Nehemiah Marcus, Mixing - tbc, Audio Consultant - Rich Breen

Jay Malloy
Set designer, art director, graphic designer

Jay Vanos

Jeff Gauthier
Award winning violinist, composer and producer

Jeff Hall
Production designer, Art Direction, Los Angeles

Joanna Cheung + Gabriel Noguez
Artist and researcher interested in contingency and embodiment, Los Angeles

Johannas Knoops
Highly recognized and internationally accomplished in intimate residential interiors, large-scale institutional architecture and critical urban projects

Joseph Kaufman
Producer on titles such as Terrestrials(2011), and Assault on Precinct 13 (2005), Los Angeles

Joseph Rosa
Architect and chief curator of architecture and design at the Art Institute of Chicago

Katharine O'Malley

Ken Saylor
Principal, Saylor+Sirola, New York

Jeffrey Ma

Jimmy Luu
Graphic Designer

Kyle von Hasseln
2012 Masters of Architecture Candidate, Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Kenny McNett
Artist, web and print designer

Manuel Colon-Amador
Architect and professor of architecture, Cornell University, New York

Marcos Novak
Artist, theorist, and founder of the UCSB Translab

Martha Howe
Artists, and Dancer

Martin Roy Mervel
Architect, Art Director, Curator

Matei Denes
Senior Architect at Mihai Radu Architects

Michael A. Fox
Author of Interactive Architecture, Princeton Press. founder and a principal of Foxlin Inc.

Michael Arbib

Michele Saee
Architect, Educator, and Founder of Michele Saee Studio Paris, Los Anegles, Bejing

Naomi Scully
Designer and sculpture

Patti Oleon
Ephemeral painter, San Fransisco

Ralph Spencer Steenblik
Designer, Curator, and founder of CDG llc.

Robert Ivanov
Architect and Owner of Labscape, New York

Robert Trempe
Professor and designer focusing on the instructional logic and formal beauty of information visualization, Philadelphia

Roberto Prado
Artist, author, and entrepenuer

Robin Nanney & Christopher Norman
Architectural designer and artist, Los Angeles

Scott Chambliss

Sevak Petrosian

Shamsul Kamal Akmal
Architect and designer

Stephen Mitchell
Historic preservation architect

Steve Curcuru
Animator, creative director and freelance storyboard artist

Steven Suchman
Creative director, Art director and Architect, Santa Monica

Stewart Hicks
Educator and co-founder of Design With Company, Urbana, Illinois

Syd Mead
Visual Futurist, "TRON", Blade Runner" - Pasadena

Taiki Sugita

Tim Durfee
Designer,Author, Educator - Los Angeles

Bette Jane Cohen, Steven Zeitzew and Christopher Aykanian
"The Spirit in Architecture: JOHN LAUTNER" Project Team

Toby Corbett
Production designer for film and television

href="" target="_blank">William Menking
Architectural historian, professor of architecture, published author, critic, curator and Editor-in-Chief of The Architect’s Newspaper.