About Surley

In 2009 I started my endeavor with Fire on the Bayou as an editor/designer and as a result I have had the great pleasure of working with some of the most experienced and brilliant filmmakers in Louisiana. Surely was spawn shortly after I began working with FOTB as a joke and has now grown into a body of work. I have had the great pleasure of working alongside many talented people in the New Orleans area and hope to continue to expand my horizons. I consider myself an entrepreneur with a great passion for the arts. I have a deep passion for life, I love to live and I live to love and I believe this is evident in my work. I make a living in the commercial film and advertising industries, but I am always willing to expand and tackle whatever life my bring to me. As with most things regarding film and advertising this work base is a collaboration of many parts. The content within this site is a product of my editing and design base. Also, click on the Photography link at the top of the page and check out my photography. Please enjoy and feel free to provide constructive criticism as I am always trying to improve.