The last people of the pit
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Documentary project focusing on the lives of the people that found shelter in Vacaresti pit, an abandoned area in the periphery of Bucharest, Romania.
During Ceausescu regime the whole area (200 ha), which was accommodating a 17th century monastery and a district of houses with big gardens, was demolished in order to build a lake. Since the works were abandoned in ’88 nothing has been done there. In the presence of surfaced underground springs and plenty of time, mother nature has shape shifted the pit into a green oasis with delta like particularities where a variety of flora and fauna have blossomed. Starting 15 years ago many poor families, mainly Roma, have found shelter in the pit since the land property is still in dispute between the state and the former owners of the demolished houses. They all live in improvised shacks made from scraps they gather in the neighborhood. Those people are most resourceful when it comes to improvisation of what actually constitutes their life (shelters, heating, toys and other kinds of props).
It seems that soon enough also the last three families will leave the area and move out while the pit would remain open to its next challenge – a natural park.