An undulating partition through space, Endograft is a dynamic intervention within the existing framework of Interface Gallery. The large-scale work redefines and transforms the space to mirror its palimpsest history: rewritten and evolving over time. Located within a former carriage house, Interface Gallery retains many structural and aesthetic aspects of the original building, the footprint, the slanted ceiling, and aged brick, with the addition of two skylights that flood the space with natural light. Endograft forms a division within the gallery space, creating a sheltered area of light behind the partition. A simple divide, a dynamic spatial interaction drawing one through the space affecting a noticeable change in one’s experience.

A spatially interactive installation, Endograft immerses the viewer in the realms of history and experience, as mediated by technology. Comprised of 222 custom 3D printed components, it’s surface texture responds to the dynamic layers of pattering in the space. Adding on an irregular, tessellated pattern and hinting at its patchwork history, Endograft becomes another facet, another mark on the space.

Endograft is Smith|Allen studios latest exploration into 3D printed architecture. Both an installation and a prototype. The wall serves as a technology test bed for the development of our hardware and software solutions for 3d printing architecture. The system is scale-able and designed for home or office use. Contact us with inquires.

Endograft will be showing at Interface Gallery
Telegraph Alley Oakland, CA
49th & Telegraph
Mar 7-28th 2014

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