Dear Friends,

These personalised wooden necklaces are all hand crafted out of natural New Zealand timber.

Each Necklace is $20 NZD, which goes directly to the Karunai Illam orphanage in Nilakottai, South India.

If you wish to buy one, send me an email and let me know what you would like. shobita.jones@gmail.com

Much Love


In 2013 two Kiwi’s Wayan and Stephan had ventured out to Sapa, Vietnam. During their time, they had built a strong relationship with the community and learnt a lot about their hardships in everyday living. Together they had decided that they are well equipped to help the wonderful people of Sapa by using their tradesman-ship to provide safe functional homes.

Together with the Sapa community we are working towards building safer homes for families in dire need of it. In 2014 we aim to have a fully functioning house built for Lo Thi Lem and her family.

Come join us on this journey to help us achieve this goal.

"Through your words I sense your thoughts, through your
thoughts I sense your soul,
and through your soul I sense
your actions will forever
exude honesty and humility." - srej

"Unknown we're born, unconsciously we live, confined to the rules that are assembled through human history. Dis-remembering the pureness of love, the rawness of life and the essence of sharing a visible likeness through means deeper than features". - srej
“The absolute nature of life is being disrupted by our own greed, which has been bred throughout centuries of human existence. To salvage what’s left of the untouched is to first understand why it should exist, and only use it to its sustainable threshold, then you will see it flourish, for when you respect its existence it will respect yours. Giving, as it receives respect and life.”