täglich alles / everything every day (2014) will be screened at Unabhängiges Film Fest Osnabrück, Oct. 15-19 & at Kurzfilmfestspiele Konstanz, Oct. 25-26.

29 Sept. 2014

LADA (2013) will be in the documentary competition at ShortVisions International Short Film Festival in Ningbo/China, 22-27 Sept. & at interfilm Berlin, 11-16 Nov. 2014!

20 Sept. 2014

ein Glück / a fortune
(2014) was screened at International Short Film Festival Kratkofil Plus in Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina. No prize, but a great time, thanks to a wonderful hospitality team!

26 July 2014 (director/cinematographer Annegret Sachse at the screening)

де-а баба оарба / blind man's bluff
(2014) will be screened at the European Short Film Festival at MIT Boston/USA, 26-28 Sept. 2014!

де-а баба оарба | blind man's bluff | 1 min extract from Annegret Sachse on Vimeo.

17 July 2014

LADA (2013) won BEST FILM in the Black Sea Competition at the International Short Film Festival "In the Palace", Balchiuk/Bulgaria!

4 July 2014 (director Dieter Deswarte on the right, receiving the prize)