Gear Bag

Whew! There is a lot of gear out there! But you know what? The power of the Gear Bag is really in its connectivity. We as filmmakers believe it is critical to think about each individual gear in the context of the specific circumstances it will be used. Hence, Gear Bag with KITS.

Instead of introducing each gear individually, we have put together KITS customized for specific filmmaking situations such as the “1 Person Interview Kit” or the “$20,000 Startup Kit.” Each Kit will include a list of the gear that would fit each individual situation and of course, there will be detailed reviews of main features, strength and weaknesses, and lots of more juicy details for each piece of gear included.

Wondering how different tools fit together? Try the Suggested Pairing field to get some ideas on what gear plays well together.

I've partnered with stillmotion to bring you everything you might want to know about a piece of gear. How important is it? Who is it for? What are the best features? What's missing? How long will it take me to learn it? I'm bringing you all of these juicy details and so much more.