Pulse seeks to visualise information in the simplest and most elegant
way possible. By using mathematical processing, a wireless internet
connection and six servo motors, Pulse converts online informations
into a tangible graph which is displayed right on your living room
wall. By tilting Pulse users are able to switch between three different
information feeds of their choice, all of which are easily programmed
by pairing the device with its online platform.

With an overload of electronic gadgets and social media platforms, the
online generation is being bombarded by information that is irrelevant
to their daily needs. Facebook and twitter feeds consume our focus,
when in reality, the majority of the data we are being fed does not
affect us. Pulse filters out the blur, leaving the user with a clear,
pure visual representation of the information they seek.

Pulse was built using the Gadgeteer .NET electronics prototyping platform by Microsoft Research.

Core77 Design Awards 2012
Consumer Products
Student Notable

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We would like to thank Prof Andy Law of RISD and fellow student Chritina Xu for their support throught this project!