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Paul Liaw is an acclaimed senior modeler with 14 years modeling experience who has been making 3d printed jewelry for the past few years. His 3d printed sculptures and jewelry pieces were shown or featured around the world, including 3d print show in NY, London, 3d printerworld, La Adobe MAX show, Milan design week, International Manufacturing Technology show, Frankfurt Mold, finalist in boston museum’s rapid jewelry contest, shapeways featured artist, 3dprintingindustry.com article, nomination for cgaward.com’s innovation in 3dprinting

I now have a shapeways shop

after we did the skydiving chimp I was asked to make a bust of the character for print

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my entry for Design museum of Boston rapid jewelry contest. I so far made it into the semifinals fingers crossed. Its a bracelet that depicts tuna chasing sardines in the sea. #dmrapidjewelry

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I'm putting pictures and
London Print show
3dprintshow(3dprintshow.com) round 2
Last time I pushed size, and resolution, this time its size resolution, and color.

Adobe approached me to do an encore after the success of the rhino. So they said I can make whatever I want as long as its in color. They sent me a swatch of the colors available for the printer. which is pretty much CMY but no K. so no black, no white. only pure color. The turtle is based off of a snapping turtle, alligator snapping turtle mix. however the coloration is based off of painted turtle, box turtle, leopard tortoise, terrapin, as well as me making stuff up once I got the hang of it.

there was considerable challenge since I now had to preserve the UVs, Originally I was going have the pieces printed separately that way using one uv space per body part, but due to time constraints I assembled the pieces into one while packing all the uvs into one tile. head, shell, arms, legs/tail. I had to save as an obj, instead of STL so the scale was also a lot less predictable. I'm glad the way the piece came out though and I wanted to do a snapping turtle for some time now, and had a good excuse to do it.

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I have been working with Adobe, and Shapeways to test their software, and also invited to exhibit in the NYC 3dprintshow (3dprintshow.com) . I decided to push the boundaries of resolution and size in the piece I'm exhibiting. I decided to make a faux taxidermy piece. A rhino head with an african shield backboard, and a bird perched on its neck.. I decided to go big, about the size of a large computer monitor. but I didn't want to waste money on material. So there was many issues I had to trouble shoot. The big challenges of engineering a custom armature system, and making offset shells on millions of organic shaped polygons took all my cunning. The last image is a mockup of how big it would be in person. I had to tape 6 pieces of paper together.

My collection of bracelets. If you would like to buy one feel free to contact me with your wrist size and I'll give you a quote. Some designs, and sizes are still being worked out. but most on here are ready to go. Be one of the first to own one from my exclusive collection.

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This is my engagement ring that I made. It was also my first piece of jewelry. It is an interesting process I learned tons about jewelry, gem setting, 3D wax printers, casting, prices of various materials. The blue is the wax, that got cast into the palladium. There is the drawing which then I modeled into a 3d file with maya, and zbrush. The pink one is a high resolution plastic version I was printing as a prototype sample. I then changed the proportions to better fit my design.

keep an eye out for the wedding band. It will be even more spectacular

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