Le Style is the first artist book published by Off Print.

Operating at the edge of the signified and the visual, the book is conceived of as a subtle reinterpretation of their recent production in radical black and white. Featured clients include Yves Saint Laurent, New York Times Style Magazine, Hermès, Vitra, COS, Fantastic Man and Arper. Le Style owes its title to Theo van Doesburg’s avant garde magazine De Stijl, who spoke of “concrete and not abstract painting because nothing is more concrete, more real than a line, a color, a surface.”

Le Style
Scheltens & Abbenes
100 copies, signed and numbered, including two signed Baryta prints in a box.
Published by Off Print, the publishing activity of Offprint Paris, in collaboration with Thomas Buxó, 2012.
0-25: 75 euros (sold out)
26-50: 145 euros (sold out)
51-75: 195 euros (sold out) few copies still available by Yvon Lambert Bookshop
76-100: 250 euros
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Yannick Bouillis and Thomas Buxó