Sin City

First year HKU compositing assignment.
We had to pick a movie we loved and place ourselves in it. You also had to chose whether you would put yourself somewhere in the scene where there was an open space or you would replace someone.
I picked the opening scene from Sin City and choose to replace the blond actress.
The footage was shot in our very own Bluescreen Studio at the KMT faculty.
After shooting the bluescreenfootage I turned to the original footage from the movie. Using photoshop I made matte paintings of every shot in the scene.
After that I keyed my own footage, color corrected it and added extra's like shadows and the blue eyes. I also editted the scene so it would be a tad bit shorter, seeing as we had only a few weeks to complete the assignment.
In the last shot the lower half of the woman's body is mine, the other half is the actual actress from the scene.
Our hair looked a lot alike, but she was wearing a long dress which fluttered in the wind. As you see I'm not wearing a long dress. I compensated this by replacing the lower half of the actress' body with my own, dramatically tilting my leg as seen in so many cartoons.
With a lot of effort and eye to detail it ended up looking like this, which I'm still very pleased with.

Camera and lighting by Roloff de Jue.
Acting, matte painting and VFX by myself.

Original scene: