RPA Website
My Web Design teacher, Xavier, luckily survived liver failure after getting a liver transplant at Royal Price Albert Hospital. As a gesture of goodwill, I re-designed the RPA website.

It was a very exciting project. I went to the hospital wards, talked to nurses, doctors and patients, got different views and perspectives.

After viewing their old website and establishing the user experience problems at hand, it quickly became evident that their site was convoluted and ineffective. I restructured their website's site map to better serve the three main types of users: patients, their family and friends, and hospital staff.

My task was to simplify the process and make the website more accessible, with an easy to use visual and navigational structure.  

As I discovered in the interviews, going to hospital can be very stressful, so it’s especially frustrating for frantic users when important information is hidden down superfluous paths.

To solve this problem I created a “things you should know” feature at the top of the list in the
drop down menu, under each user’s group.

The design was well received amongst RPA’s staff, and it increased the number of viewers on their website exponentially.