Topography of the Spaces is an on-going project that reconstructs the experience of an undifferentiated interior world, in which we are not mere spectators, but to which we inseparably belong. It reveals all imperfections within the space and puts the viewer into a haptic contact with the space. What emerges from the observer’s spatial explorations is an alternative topography that exists beside, or rather, underneath the official topology and discourse of the given space – its everyday objects, occurrences, collision of facts, marks, traces etc. Space is not simply given by the design of urban forms and its functionality, but is created through practice.

Informational Phantasmagoria
Commissioned by Mr. Edward Richards, an architect and art collector, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Site-specific Installation

I have mapped out the everyday domestic clutter on a table - odd bits of comestibles, everyday items such as screws, keys, a cell phone, coins, a coffee cup, a tea spoon, a crossword puzzle, clippings from the newspapers, book covers and pages, price tags, etc. - that has transformed the surface into an active receptacle of merely accidental pictorial and indexical marks. Instead of being a material object, the table becomes a quantitative, ever-chaging system that facilitates exchangeability and disseminates qualitative data of the domesticated space. It discloses the endless openness of the space, the flow of totality in our perception, and the fragmentation of the 'river of phenomena'.

Day time

Night time


Topography of My Studio Table
To make a mark or trace a single line upon a surface immediately transforms that surface, energizes its neutrality; the graphic imposition turns the actual flatness of the ground into virtual space, translates its material reality into the fiction of the imagination. Mark is a sign that reveals the extraordinary nature of the ordinary things. Its complexities and potentials lie ‘hidden’ below the surface.

Blue sand directly applied onto the table surface full of marks and scratches.
Dimensions Variable