Nicola Odemann
Bavaria, Germany


Nicola, first off we are so glad you could contribute to our project, we love your work. What first got you interested in photography?

I have always enjoyed photography and taking pictures, but it became an addiction when I found the old camera of my father four or five years ago. Since then it’s been hard to enjoy beauty without being able to immortalize it.

If you could travel to one place for a year, where would you choose to go?

This is hard because I really want to go everywhere. But if I had to stay at one place for a year it would be Canada. With it’s infinite woods, high mountains, turquoise lakes and wild rivers it offers everything I long for in nature. And still there are metropolises like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. It just seems to be the perfect country and I want to go there so bad.

Film or Digital?

I started with film, improved with digital but returned to film last summer. It just seems to be more ‘real’ when I take a picture with my analog camera than with my digital one.

What kind of camera do you shoot with?

Nikon F65 and Nikon D40.

Walk us through a normal day in your life, from waking up to going to bed.

I wake up and go to a school for children with mental deficiency, where I work until summer before I’ll go to University in autumn. In the afternoon, when the weather is nice, I like to go on a cruise though the local area with my sister and take photographs. In the evening, during the week, I am either at home or go out to meet some friends.

What are 5 things you could absolutely not live without?

The people I love
My camera
My guitar
My passport
My iPod

Who are some of your favorite photographers/artists that inspire you?

I really admire the work of Jocelyn Catterson. The way she captures nature is simply outstanding!
Just as Jeff Luker, his photographs are also truly inspiring!
Besides these I admire various artists such as Ryan McGinley, Sally Mann, Nirrimi Hakanson and Neil Krug, to name just a few.
And I recently stumbled upon the work of Prashant Ashoka, his work is one of a kind!

What's your favorite food?

Wiener Schnitzel.

Favorite songs/bands at the moment?

I’ve been listening non-stop to the Australian band ‘Pond’ for the last couple of weeks. ‘Allergies’ is definitely a favorite! And I love ‘Dead Deer’ by Evening Hymnes, this band is just fantastic!

Pond - Allergies

Evening Hymns- Dead Deer

Do you see photography being a possible career path for you?

No, not as a full-time job. Photography is something that I need to do in order to breathe. It makes me feel as if I’m able to stop time and that is what I try to do when I take a picture, to capture the moment. I wouldn’t want to have the thought of money in the back of my head while shooting.

What's your favorite movie?

I really love the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Everything in these movies is perfect, from the music to the shooting locations. Although they play in a fantasy world, this world becomes real the minute you watch it. A movie couldn’t do better than that.

Thanks so much for taking the time to contribute to our project, any final words?

Thank you for having me included!